First Time Guest Impressions

About Us

Impressions Unlimited takes the mystery out of knowing what your church’s first-time guest experiences are and how to improve future first-time guest experiences to create more returning guest opportunities.

Gain Information & Insights

Churches who receive first-time guests, want to know about their experiences and improve upon them.  Churches need an on-going opportunity to receive first-time guest experience feedback.  When actual first-time guests visit your church for the first time, you can use the link provided by Impressions Unlimited to gain information and insights into the experience of your first-time guests.  With this information, you are then able to make on-going improvements from week-to-week to continuously improve and quickly identify gaps in the first-time guest experience.

First-time guest impression evaluations are available for both onsite and online worship experiences.  Evaluations can also be tied into your existing church app.

The evaluation link can be provided in the guest gift bag or packet at worship or could be sent in an electronic follow-up with a “thank you for attending” note.  To encourage completion of the survey, you could offer a donation to a local charity or a gift card to the guest.  You can assure the first-time guest of the confidentiality of their survey as it is hosted by a third-party provider.

As a pastor or church leader, you will have access to a digital dashboard to analyze data and reports daily, weekly, and/or monthly to stay on top of providing exceptional first-time guest experiences that result in a greater opportunity for receiving returning guests.

We have developed a comprehensive evaluation to drill down in the critical initial impression areas that are important to first-time guests.