Online Mystery Worshipers

About Us

Impressions Unlimited takes the mystery out of knowing what your church’s first-time guest experiences are and how to improve future first-time guest experiences to create more returning guest opportunities.

Virtual Worship Evaluation

First-time guests will attend a virtual worship service and then complete an extensive survey reflecting their experience.  Since each first-time guest reports their unique experience on a particular given day, we recommend a package of multiple mystery worshiper visits to gain a more comprehensive view and corresponding trends for first-time guest experiences.  A detailed report and dashboard are provided when all the visits are complete.

We have developed a comprehensive evaluation to drill down in the critical initial impression areas that are important to first-time guests.



Choosing the Mystery Worshiper

Option One:  Impressions Unlimited will recruit and dispatch your unchurched friends to provide feedback on their first-time guest experiences.

Option Two:  At the request of judicatory leaders, Impressions Unlimited, offers a cost-savings alternative.  We will train and dispatch the mystery worshipers you have recruited.