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Impressions Unlimited takes the mystery out of knowing what your church’s first-time guest experiences are and how to improve future first-time guest experiences to create more returning guest opportunities.

Similarities of Church and Weddings

The Response-Ability in Accountability

Simple Not Easy

Spiritual Leaders First

The Gift of a Retreat

Accountability: Friend or Foe?

Church is Too Complicated

Living Out Being the Pandemic Church

Church Council: Management or Governance?

Are You an Adaptive or Innovative Leader?

The Reality of Strategic Ministry Planning

Is an Invitation Required?

Congregational Apathy

The Way Forward Is Simplified and Accountable

Post-Pandemic Flexibility

Post-Pandemic Commitment

Post-Pandemic Courage

Post Pandemic Vision

Pastors and Staff as Equippers

What if …

Living in Times of Possibility

Transition Time

It’s Crazy Out There; Be Kind!

At the Heart of the Matter

Relating to All Types of “Gathered”

Ready for a New Expedition?

Post Pandemic Leadership Questions

The Power of the Question

A Call for the Courageous Leader

Leading Out of the Pandemic

RElaunch or REopen

Relational Shifts, Part Three

Relational Shifts, Part Two

Relational Shifts, Part One

How Flexible Are You?

Missional Designs Are Not Always Easy Decisions

Leadership Lessons from Patrick Mahomes

Providing Community for Your Community

What is Your Church’s Signature Ministry?

Being or Doing

Endowments: Blessing or Enabling?

Breathe with Gratitude

Are You a Praying Church?

Are You Ready?

Falling Back

Travel Advisories for the New Road

Is Your Church Geared Up?

Time to Re-Vision?

Seven Key Shifts in Moving From Online Worship to Online Ministry

Start, Stop, and Suspend

The Opportunity

Evangelism: Not Just the Committee’s Work Anymore

Promoter or Detractor?

Creating a Culture of Guest Readiness

Online Worship or Online Ministry?

How Is Effective Leadership Different?

What are you Tolerating?

Guest Impressions of Online Worship

Offering Thorough Onsite Hospitality Inside and Outside

Online Relationship Opportunities

Do you have a Guest-Focused online presence?

What’s Your Relationship Lens?

Virtual Connection