Providing Community for Your Community

In a September 23, 2020 report, Barna released some startling information.  Spiritual, emotional, and relational well-being were noted to be of concern about congregations as reported by pastors. In the same report, forty percent of US adults say depression or anxiety impacts their most important relationships (survey form 2019).  Less than 7 in 10 US […]

What is Your Church’s Signature Ministry?

When I launched my coaching practice twelve plus year ago, I was involved in some pretty intense certification processes and learning opportunities.  It was suggested over and over again to choose a particular coaching niche to focus my attention.  Being one who doesn’t want to limit opportunity, I do have to admit that at first, […]

Being or Doing

We are all human beings.  Imperfect people doing our best day in and day out to follow a perfect Savior.  On an average day, we struggle a bit to do so, but this past year it has been increasingly difficult – at least for me it has.  When everything seems to be uncertain, we might […]

Endowments: Blessing or Enabling?

Endowments: Blessing or Enabling? It is no doubt that people love their church and faithfully leave behind gifts for the church with the best of intentions.  Churches, of course, receive those gifts with gratitude and the best of intentions.  Endowments by and large are a good thing for the church. But, in my experience, endowments […]

Breathe with Gratitude

Breathe with Gratitude As we head into this week of Thanksgiving, I wonder if we can all just take a deep breath.  This past year has been unprecedented and highly stressful to say the least.  So much of what we were looking forward to and was planned has been cancelled, postponed, or greatly modified.  It […]

Are You a Praying Church?

Would you consider your church to be a praying church?  Now, I don’t mean a church with a prayer team that prays for the joys and concerns of those in the already a part of the congregation.  I also don’t mean a prayer chain or prayer calling tree.  I am also not talking about a […]

Are You Ready?

The Advent season will begin very soon.  This is the season where churches typically receive more guests than any other time of year.  Is your church ready to receive guests?  How will the guest experience be different this year because of COVID-19?  Is your congregation making special preparations and anxiously anticipating receiving new guests? To […]

Falling Back

This past weekend we re-entered the season of daylight savings.  In 1966 the Uniform Time Act was passed and created what we now refer to as Daylight Savings Time.  While some say the reason for the Act was to give farmers more daylight hours for their work, the real story is something else.  The idea […]