How Is Effective Leadership Different?

We often throw around the term “effective leadership.”  But what does it really mean?  Effective leaders lead their people and organization in a desired outcome.  They produce a successful outcome or intended result according to  Common synonyms for effective are successful, fruitful, valuable, essential, and productive. A few years ago, I co-authored a book […]

What are you Tolerating?

The most common response to asking how people are doing these days is being tired, worn out, weary, etc.  We have gone through some unprecedented times.  We have had to pivot until we are dizzy.  I would like to suggest that the end of these times is near, but we would all be kidding ourselves […]

Guest Impressions of Online Worship

Guest Impressions of Online Worship In the past three months, most churches either expanded their online worship opportunities or some went online for the first time.  For some churches, this was a pivot.  For other churches, this was a huge shift.  But regardless of how you got to this place, you are now providing an […]

Online Relationship Opportunities

Using Onsite Relationship Opportunities to Think About Online Relationship Opportunities Every church is excited to see a new face!  But, sometimes we don’t necessarily share our excitement or have the belief that someone else will welcome the new face.  Other times, the new face would like to slide in and out of the back pew/chair […]

Do you have a Guest-Focused online presence?

Guest-Focused Online Presence What is the focus of your online presence?  Who is your primary audience?  Who are you trying to communicate with?  What are all the platforms where your church has an online presence?  Who is responsible for managing your online presence? Lots of questions, right?  Lots of things to consider!  It might even […]

What’s Your Relationship Lens?

What’s Your Relationship Lens? I say it often, because I think we have to be reminded of it often.  As the church, we are in the relationship “business.”  We build authentic, trusting relationships with people and through those relationships we gain the opportunity to share Jesus with them.  Then we might also gain the privilege […]

Virtual Connection

Virtual Connection To say we are living in interesting times would be the understatement of the decade!  Churches were thrust into a world of virtual worship seemingly overnight.  For some churches, this was a brand new reality.  For other churches, this was only ramping up what they were already doing.  But regardless, having no onsite […]