The Need for Marketplace Multipliers

There is a growing recognition of the compelling need to move disciples beyond the walls of the church.  Furthermore, there is an affirmation of the high potential of the marketplace to be the place where the opportunity for people to establish a relationship with Jesus through the example and influence found in the relationships they […]

A Call for Action

Do you ever feel like you are living out the movie Ground Hog’s Day?  The same thing keeps playing out over and over again.  Life does not seem to be moving on.  It seems like this is the case in the United Methodist denomination.  Except in our case the rest of the world has moved […]

The Congregational Gift of Asset Mapping

When is the last time your leaders conducted a thorough asset mapping of your congregation?  For those who might be unfamiliar with the term, asset mapping provides extensive organizational information about your strengths, assets, and resources.  We often limit our inventory of assets to strictly cash, investments, receivables, and real estate.  With this limited inventory […]

Discipleship Crisis

Most church people would be comfortable believing and sharing that the church is about introducing people to a relationship with Christ and growing deeper in that relationship over time.  In the church world, we refer to this in a variety of ways such making discipling, becoming disciples of Jesus Christ, or having a pathway for […]

Cry From the (Emptying) Pew

It was almost a year ago that God and I started wrestling.  I had just finished up a difficult year of transition topped with multiple writing projects.  I needed some rest and a I needed a break from writing.  But God had another plan.  No matter how many reasons I offered for why God’s plan […]

The Essential Elements of a Faith Community

Lately there seems to be frequent conversations and perhaps even disagreements about the essentials elements that a faith/church community needs to entail in order to be considered a “church” or a worship experience.  In particular, this is a hot topic when it comes to the offering of online worship and faith communities.  In a recent […]

New Year New Plan

Yep, it is that time again.  It is a new year, so many are setting their new year’s resolutions.  The gyms will be packed this week, but in two weeks, the crowds will likely be back to pre-January numbers.  Many are not really resolved to make any changes after all. How about your church? Does […]

Consensus vs Missional Alignment

In this time of deep change and cultural shifts, there is much conversation about how one leads change.  For local church leaders, there is often the desire to lead by consensus.  I am convinced that there must have been a seminary class on leading by building consensus as this seems to be a common understanding […]