Closing Window of Opportunity

While we will never return to the norm of pre-pandemic times, we are beginning to find our way towards a new rhythm of life.  This is true for most of us personally and for our churches, too.  Maybe we have not completely exhaled wondering if there might be another resurgence.  But the level of disruption […]

The Case for the Collective Functions of APEST

In the previous post, we explored the APEST model and why each function was critical to the health of a church. The apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd, and teacher are all individually and communally an integral part of being a vital church reflective of the fullness of Christ’s ministry.  These five “functions” show up in Jesus’ […]

Who and What Has Gone Missing from Your Church?

In Ephesians 4, the Apostle Paul explains ministry functions are carried out by five unique types of giftedness: apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, teaching, and shepherding.  Collectively, these five gifts are often referenced as APEST.  “Individually, these gifts reflect parts of a whole that, when seen together, manifest the full image of God and the full measure […]

Discerning New Leaders

The Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development will soon begin their annual work determining who they will place before the charge conference for election into leadership for the upcoming year.  This is commonly referred to as the nominations process.  Most Nominations Committees (as they are commonly called) meet a few times and peruse the latest […]

Celebrate Servants

How does your church encourage, celebrate, and lift up your laity who serve in the various ministry roles?  Too often we overlook our faithful servants and take them for granted.  A little bit of recognition, celebration, and gratitude goes a long way to encourage not only those who have served but those who might serve […]

Connecting:  The Missing Link

Over the past couple of decades, many churches have intentionally worked on ramping up their hospitality. They have formed hospitality teams. They have attended workshops, read books, and continuously tried to improve the culture of hospitality. In addition, many churches have been working on creating intentional discipleship plans.  They have realized that attending worship and […]

Serving Relationally

“When we leave relationships out of missions, we are leaving out the best potential for true IMPACT.  IMPACTFUL missions are grounded in authentic relationships.  They are no longer about the anonymous giving of stuff.  When two or more are gathered, Christ is with you.  Relational missions provide opportunity for the Holy Spirit to do its […]

Game Changing Communication Tip

Have you ever met a church that hasn’t reported some sort of communication issue?  I know I have yet to conduct a church consultation that communication on some level has not been cited as a problem.  While people are more digitally connected than ever before (most people have a phone in their hand or pocket […]