Church is Too Complicated

Sometimes I think we make things too complicated.  That includes the church.  That includes both “doing” church and “being” the church.  Sometimes we are so overwhelmed in doing church that we just give up.  We are too tired, on ministry overload, been there and done that, and tired of seeing no results.  We just want […]

Church Council: Management or Governance?

What is the role of the Church Council?  Is it to manage the church or to govern the church?  Historically and in practice, most Church Councils manage. Often how the Church Council functions in the local church has been handed down from generation to generation.  Not all Church Councils function the same nor are they […]

Are You an Adaptive or Innovative Leader?

“One of the key differences between innovation and adaptation is that innovation is voluntary. Adaptation is not.”  Carey Nieuwhof During these past 18 months, we have all been forced to pivot.  Sometimes we have pivoted so much that we have perhaps become dizzy and weary.  I get it!  It has been overwhelming.  The learning […]

The Reality of Strategic Ministry Planning

Is your fall strategic ministry planning retreat on your calendar?  I have been working with several church recently on visioning and strategic ministry planning.  I find that people have a love-hate relationship with both of these.  People either love them or hate them.  There seems to be little in between.  I happen to be one […]

Is an Invitation Required?

Every church would like more first-time guests!  How easy is your church making it for first-time guests to find your church online, details about your online worship experience, and join you for worship?  One of our mystery worshipers had an interesting experience this weekend.  There is a two-fold learning experience about her experience to share […]

Congregational Apathy

Over the past few years, I have noticed a growing sense of what I refer to as congregational apathy.  The symptoms are be identified as a desire and openness for great things to happen, but no energy, personal commitment, or tolerance for any needed changes, or sense of urgency for the great things to come […]

Post-Pandemic Flexibility

If we have learned nothing else in the past year and a half, we have learned the need to be flexible!  We have learned to change directions at a moment’s notice.  We have adapted to new working and learning environments.  We shifted to home delivery and curbside pickup for meals, groceries, and other household necessities.  […]

Post-Pandemic Commitment

As I have repeatedly written about in this past year, the opportunities available to the church at this pivotal time in history are endless.  All of these opportunities are grounded in one key foundational understanding.  And, that understanding is in purpose.  That is, the understanding in why the church exists.  The church is one of […]