Post Pandemic Leadership Questions

In last week’s blog, we talked about the power of the question.  Now that we have come to appreciate the power of a good question, let’s look at some specific questions your leadership team might consider processing as we begin to enter into this post-pandemic world.  What might occur if your board/council would forego its […]

The Power of the Question

As leaders we sometimes think we need to have all the answers.  Maybe we feel as though others expect us as leaders to bring all the solutions.  Isn’t that what leaders do?  Post-modern leaders are being challenged with a different way of leading. “Good leaders ask great questions that inspire others to dream more, think […]

A Call for the Courageous Leader

In this time of liminality, the path ahead is difficult to navigate.  The path is either completely foreign to us or is yet to have light shed upon it.  Because of this, it is quite natural and seemingly safer to wait to take another step until more is revealed and known.  At least that’s how […]

Leading Out of the Pandemic

We are beginning to see the light at the end of this long, dark pandemic tunnel.  Vaccinations are rolling out.  Positive test result statistics are on a downward trend.  Some people are beginning to emerge from their quarantined homes.  We are seeing signs of hope and possibilities for gathering in-person again with those we love. […]

RElaunch or REopen

As the COVID vaccination is made available to more and more of the population, a greater number of churches are offering expanded in-person worship opportunities.  This means some churches are offering in-person worship for the first time in a year.  Other churches are increasing the number of in-person worship times and/or seats at worship.  Others […]

Relational Shifts, Part Three

In this post we will explore the final five relational shifts a vital post-pandemic church will need to make as outlined in my upcoming book, Being the Church in the Post-Pandemic World, due out in late March.   Shift from self-guided to intentional, relational connections  Shift from building-driven to relationally driven for both in person and […]

Relational Shifts, Part Two

Last week the first five relational shifts the post-pandemic church will need to make were introduced.  This week we continue those relational shifts with the next five from the forthcoming book, Being the Church in the Post-Pandemic World.  Shift from judgemental to open ears and open hearts  Shift from monocultural to multicultural and multigenerational Shift […]

Relational Shifts, Part One

In my upcoming book (due out in late March), Being the Church in the Post-Pandemic World, I identified eight different game-changers for churches who want to be vital in the post-pandemic world.  One of those game-changers is how we shift relationally as the church.  This is part one of a three-part series on 15 relational […]

How Flexible Are You?

In a quick poll recently, I asked what people thought was the top trait leaders needed to exhibit and practice in 2021.  Overwhelmingly, the top answer was flexibility.  Why is it that flexibility has become the top leadership trait needed?  Maybe it might just be because we had to use our flexibility muscles more than […]